Bitch Took My LOOk!

Humans & Animals who have AMAZING STYLE

Bitch took my 50’s NYC spring

Bitch took my kick ass rockabilly Austin

Bitch took my 2tone hair and my skeleton Madonna tattoo

Bitch took our miniature cadillac with day of the dead skull look

Demure dress and fierce tats took our look…

Bitch took Tony’s look (oops thats me!) i took my own crazy look! wha???

Bitch took my tulips! #dapperasshit

Fierce fiery curls and candy colored nails took my look…

bitch took my 50’s look

BItch took my round red glasses!

bitch took my leopard print hooker dress

Bitch took my whimsical purple hat and double pants…… #bitchtookmylook

Zander the Great took my glasses’n’fro

#bluewarmhat took my look!